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The service - "Exclusive Agent"  

In contrast to real estate in the "affordable" segment, the owners, and the tenants of elite real estate for the most part are busy and  demanding people. Most owners are very serious about the selection of tenants, as well as the tenants in this segment that exhibit a narrow set of requirements for the selection of suitable properties. To find a tenant for the elite properties  the agency must place massive advertising via all professional real estate resources, not to mention having thorough knowledge of the advertised property down to the smallest gritty detail.

In connection with the above circumstances, the owners of such housing is provided one-time payment for the agency at a rate of 50% of the cost of one month's rent your property. Payment for our services only at "the fact of surrender", that is after we've found you a tenant and a lease. This service is called an "exclusive contract".

An exclusive contract means that the rights and obligations to deliver the apartment (house) for rent, the owner of the agency Kiev International exclusively, without the services of other agencies and advertising an apartment on their own. If an owners does happen to find a tenant through a personal network, we assist with the consulting / legal aspects of the lease and the owner is still obliged to cover our agency fee, due to the costs incurred on our end. 

Practice shows that the apartments offered exclusively shall as soon as possible and at market price. What's more you work your personal qualified broker, who clearly knows your needs and your property that significantly saves you time and nerves. The exclusive agreement is the most civilized and fastest way rental to.

5 benefits of an exclusive contract:

1. You will only work with your personal agent.
Therefore, once acquainted with our representative of their apartment or house you free yourself from having to answer calls is often incompetent realtors various agencies to respond to the same questions or deal with the lack of professionalism and punctuality inherent in real estate industry. You will call only your personal agent at a convenient time for you and after the mandatory screening of potential clients. You are also able to leave the keys with us, thus the viewings are conducted without your direct participation (which saves a lot of time and hassle). 

2. We protect your nerves and time.
All calls to your apartment takes your personal agent selects customers in strict accordance with your requirements, agree upon the time display. If you do not have time to show an apartment, then your personal agent can do it after having received a copy of keys with a receipt. You can directly conclude an agreement when the tenants will be selected by the agent agreed upon with you.

3. We respect your confidentiality.
We provide advertising on the phone in our company. Your telephone number will not reach the base of other agencies and you will not be disturbed by numerous phone calls during the delivery of the apartment, as well as after delivery. We do not provide any information in any jurisdiction (tax authorities, etc.).

4. The agent arrives and evaluates the apartment.
Your personal agent will arrive at a convenient time for you, advise you on all legal issues relating to delivery of apartments for rent (such as tax optimization of rental income, foreign registration of tenants and lease payments by wire transfer). Your agent will also determine the market value of the lease and make high-quality digital photos of your apartment (house, cottage).

5. We actively advertise your apartment.
The process of advertising that uses our agency is unique in our growing back and is described in the diagram. Information about your site not only receive all the real estate agency in Kiev through professional real estate resources, but most individuals and companies interested in renting a home for their top management. Your property is also showcased on all of the local real estate portals in the paid / premium sections (with cost covered by us), thus it gets the maximuim exposure possible. 

The service - "Non-exclusive Agent"

Non-exclusive service means that the rights and obligations to let out your property belong to a number of other agencies, but the owner does not advertise the apartment on his own. In the case of non-exclusive arrangments while we do post your apartment on our website, and distribute it to our partners, we do not pour massive amounts of effort and money into its advertising on the real estate portals, as all those efforts would be in vain, in case the other agency finds a tenant for you at an earlier time. 

The agency fee involved in the Non-Exclusive Agent option is also a one time fee equal to 100% of the monthly rent. The major difference between the exclusive option is the fact that the agency fee is payble to us only in case the property is rented with assistance of our agency. If a competitor or anyone else for that matter beats us to the punch, then the owner owes us absolutely nothing. 

If you want to take your apartment lease or get expert advice, please contact us at +380443382762, or fill out the application form on the right and our qualified real estate marketing managers will contact you immediately!