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Office for rent in Kiev Business Center LYWR

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Office Rental in Kiev Kiev Center Holosiivskiy
Business Center 9 $
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Business Center Forum Satellite
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Business Center 15 $
Business Center LYWR
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Basic Info
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Building class A

27000 m2

Price 17 $ / per m2

0 / per m2
0 %
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The modern class-A business center LYWR (LYWR - Lukyanivka Work & Relax), is located 50 meters from the Lukyanovskaya metro station. Convenient transport interchange at the intersection of Ilyenka, Degtyarevskaya, Chornovol, and Glubochitskaya streets allows you to get to the desired destination quickly. The business center building consists of two sections, section A with eight floors and section B with 17 floors. The sections have separate entrance groups with administrators' receptions. Office premises are leased out without renovation (Shell & Core). It is also possible to carry out repairs by the management company to the business center. The common areas are finished on the ground floors of the business center, the elevator lobbies on the other floors are Shell & Core. The business center is equipped with underground parking for 80 spaces and ground parking for 90 spaces with charging points for electric vehicles. The advantage is the developed infrastructure, both in the building (restaurant, cafe, bank, post office, dry cleaning, sports club) and near the metro station Lukyanovskaya. The business center is serviced by one management company with its staff of service personnel. Technical characteristics: ⦁ Power supply - 1.9 MW substation with emergency backup inputs; ⦁ Heating - own gas boiler house for 2.5 MW; ⦁ Ventilation - forced with equipment on the roof; ⦁ Air conditioning and climate - chiller-fan coil units Lennox; ⦁ Security and ACS - video surveillance with a centralized security console, access control system to each floor and stairs; ⦁ Fire system - smoke removal, fire extinguishing, gas control, fire protection of metal structures, alarm, fire extinguishers, warning system; ⦁ Data storage - cable system with outputs to server rooms; ⦁ Elevators - Thyssenkrupp, eight units with a lifting capacity of 1000 kg, speed 1.6 m / s. Rental information: ⦁ Repair holidays are provided to the tenant, their period is discussed individually. During the holidays, the tenant pays only maintenance and utility bills; ⦁ Payment for utilities is carried out according to the readings of electricity meters, water supply/sewage, heating, telecommunications); ⦁ Cleaning the rented premises and washing the windows inside the office are not included in the maintenance services. The tenant carries out the cleaning of the premises independently.
Kiev Center Shevchenkovskii
st. Yuriya Ilienko 2/10
Luk'yanivs'ka ~ 12 mins
City center 4.1 km
Vacant spaces
Office building completed in 2021
Published: 19.03.2021


Kiev Center Shevchenkovskii


Luk'yanivs'ka ~ 2 mins

Distance to Kiev center:

Walking ~ 47 mins. Driving ~ 12 mins